How was our introductory tours in spring 2023?

In the spring of 2023, we conducted three study tours from Riga, Latvia, to the Costa Blanca, Spain. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information about these study tours. Each tour was successful – someone was sure to become a new resident of the Costa Blanca.
We hope that the next tours will be even better.

A month before the start of our introductory tour, we offered everyone who registered on our website to have a coffee together in the relaxed atmosphere of the musical bar era Hi-Fi.
We once again told about how the introductory tour will be conducted. We asked the guests to ask questions that we will pass on to the Spanish side, so that the tour would be more informative and businesslike.
Thus, we knew in advance where our guests want to go during the introductory tour, what to see, where to see and how to relax. Based on this, we built the plan of the tour.

We flew with airline Ryanair. Since the decision regarding the participants of the info tour was made at different times, the cost of air tickets per person ranged from €270 to €330. Undoubtedly, the earlier the decision is made about the trip, the cheaper the flight is. We flew to Alicante. At that time, it was possible to organize a direct flight from Kaunas. However, we flew from Riga with a layover in Gothenburg on the outbound journey and in Warsaw on the return journey.

The layover time between flights in both cases was about 2 hours and passed very quickly. It was also possible to fly via Madrid or Valencia, in which case we had excellent Spanish high-speed trains at our disposal, which could take you to almost any part of Spain in 2-2.5 hours. And the overall cost of the trip would remain approximately the same. In February of the following year, 2024, AirBaltic will be launching direct flights from Riga to Alicante. We, along with our partners, are currently in negotiations with the airline regarding the possibility of fixing the flight cost for the participants of our info tours starting from the following spring when the first flight takes off.

Welcome in airport Alicante. Directly at the airport, we were greeted by the management of our partner Spanish company. Comfortable SUVs and a minivan with air conditioning were provided, which, within 30-40 minutes, transported all the arriving participants to their prearranged and agreed-upon apartments.

Later on, the transportation was used for exploring the regions of Costa Blanca, which are fantastically beautiful places, of course, and for familiarizing ourselves with both resale and newly constructed properties. It also provided an opportunity to see investment projects.

We were accommodated in apartments in Torrevieja. The hosting side took very good care of this aspect since they themselves are involved in renting out properties to clients who have purchased real estate from them. 

The cost of accommodation was around €220-€250 per person, depending on the apartments. Each apartment had one or two bedrooms and a terrace. Every morning, a vehicle would pick up the participants from their apartments, and after the trips and excursions, it would return them to the doorstep of their place of residence.

The tour cost included one lunch or dinner at a restaurant, as well as another lunch at a Chinese wok restaurant.

As mentioned before, we arrived and departed from Alicante. We stayed in Torrevieja, where the main offices of our partners are located – one focused on real estate and the other on property rentals. We traveled throughout the entire Torrevieja region and saw a wide variety of interesting options. I have been there multiple times, but this time I discovered many new and fascinating things that I hadn’t seen before. A big thank you to the director of our partner company, Alexander.

On the second day, we visited a region in a different country, Benidorm, Alfas, Altea, and Calpe. We had the opportunity to fully appreciate the unique aspects of each city and region. On the fourth day, we drove through the salt lakes of Torrevieja and reached the mountains of Calpe, where we visited the beautiful castle of Guadalest. The trip concluded with a magnificent wine tasting experience overlooking the mountains.


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