altea and denia

Altea is not without reason considered not only the pearl of the Costa Blanca, but of the whole of Spain. The old city has retained its appearance. Dome of the church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo they call it the “dome of the Mediterranean” – this image is so charismatic.

Altea is famous for its harbors – connoisseurs come here for water sports water sports from all over the world. Kayaking and snorkeling are popular here, classic rowing and sailing. Three marinas: Marina Greenwich, Altea Sailing Club and Porto Senso Marina is waiting for your yacht.

Beautiful mountains descending to the sea are decorated with amazing villas. This is the place for those who are lucky in life. There is also a unique log Orthodox Cathedral Archangel Michael, built through the efforts of one of the inhabitants of this paradise.

One can simply say about life in Altea – if you can settle here, it means that you do not have most of the problems that plague the less fortunate inhabitants of your planet.

Because it really is one of the most beautiful and stylish places on the planet, but competition for them raises prices. On the other hand, the address itself is very often opens so many doors and helps to make valuable acquaintances.

The resort town of Denia, in addition to beaches, pine forests and original architecture, has several important elements that draw special attention to it. For example, this is her kitchen. Since 2015, Dénia belongs to the so-called “gastronomic cities” according to UNESCO classification. To get such a title, you need to become famous for special innovative practices in this field. In Spain, there are fewer such cities than fingers on hand – and one of them is Denia.

Here are delicious seafood dishes: in particular from the famous red shrimp, fish and shellfish cooked with suke sauce, lovely octopuses, of course, a variety of options for paella. And more than 300 restaurants where all this is offered your attention.

This is a great city for shopping lovers, here, in addition to international brands you can buy exquisite products of local craftsmen. Lovers of cooking attracts the local food market.

It is from the harbor of Denia that ferries leave for Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera. So that the world of discos and nightlife is literally at hand – the ferry goes to Ibiza only two hours. Well, is it necessary to say that very close, 100 km away is a brilliant Valencia, capital of the Valencian Community.

Who can be recommended to settle in Denia?

– to all those who want to live close to nature, but also surrounded by the benefits of civilization;

– who loves delicious and delicious food;

– who sometimes wants to plunge into a noisy life, but mostly prefers comfort and degree. The resort town of Calpe is famous throughout Europe thanks to its stunning view of the Peñon de Ifach. Climbing to the top of this rock formation, even routes of medium difficulty take about an hour, but the panoramas that open from him, are worth the effort.

One of the most fantastic views boasts the famous Ifach Golf Club, from where a spectacle opens up to the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea, the rock of Ifach and Calpe itself.

This is a great place for amateur fishing, snorkeling, and sailing – the classic Calpe-Formentera-Calpe regatta takes place at the end of May or beginning of June for over three decades. It is organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Calpe. So Calpe is a place of residence for those who can afford to enjoy these sports. On the other hand, the place is very healthy, thanks to its air and terrain – here you willy-nilly need to move actively, which multiplies your years.