The resort town of Calpe is famous throughout Europe for its stunning views of the rock Penon de Ifach. Climb to the top of this rock formation even on trails of medium difficulty takes about an hour, but the panoramas that open from it are spent labor.

One of the most fantastic views boasts the famous Ifach Golf Club, from where a spectacle opens up to the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea, the rock of Ifach and Calpe itself.

This is a great place for amateur fishing, snorkeling, and sailing – the classic Calpe-Formentera-Calpe regatta takes place at the end of May or beginning of June for over three decades. It is organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Calpe.
So Calpe is a place of residence for those who can afford to enjoy these sports. On the other hand, the place is very healthy, thanks to its air and terrain – here you willy-nilly need to move actively, which multiplies your years.