Benidorm is a seaside resort on the Spanish Costa Blanca, in the province Alicante. The city is located 40 km north of the provincial capital. Those who are still alive remembers Benidorm as a small fishing village, and today it has become one of the most
famous seaside resorts in Europe.

The city is characterized by extremely high buildings – there are a huge number of high-rise buildings – ordinary residential and hotels, 30 or more floors. The highest building – Intempo, 47 floors, 202 meters high. High-rise buildings have made it possible to provide vacationers with proximity from housing to beaches. Benedorme has two main beaches – Levante, or “new” and Poniente, aka “old” Benidorm. They are separated by the historical center of the city, in which it is so pleasant to walk along its old streets.
There are theme parks around Benidorm: water Aqualandia, Terra Zoo Natura and the amusement park Terra Mitica. Here is where to go with children of any age.
For residents of Western Europe, Benidorm is one of the three most famous Spanish cities, together with Madrid and Barcelona.

Who should pay attention to Benidorm?
1. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that an English-speaking environment has developed here. By 2019, British tourists made up three-quarters of all hotel travelers Benidorm. If you speak English, it will be easy for you in Benidorm.

2. Everything is well organized here for families with children. There is everything for a variety recreation – great beaches, theme parks, and – very close – beautiful nature.

3. Pensioners and elderly rentiers feel good in Benidorm. However, if they have the means, they usually settle in posh urbanizations away from the city center.

4. For business people and in general, people active in life, the proximity of large cities such as Alicante and Valencia – with their airports, high-speed rail roads, clinics and museums, stadiums and other infrastructure.

5. If you have respiratory problems, you suffer from colds, then this is the place for you. The mountains around Benidorm are covered with forests consisting of pine and Pyrenean oak. Thanks to them, the air is saturated with essential oils, very useful for the respiratory system. The sea is warm, the swimming season is from May to November, that is, 7 months, the longest in Spain.