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The Costa Blanca is undoubtedly a unique place. The section of the coast of the Valencian community from the city of Gandia in the north to the southern border of the community, which runs between Torrevieja and San Javier, was called the Costa Blanca, which means “White Coast”. North of Alicante, the capital of the province of the same name, nature is a mountainous landscape, rocky coastline punctuated by romantic coves.

The Costa Blanca is a 200-meter coastline in the province of Alicante, where the average annual air temperature is around 20 degrees and the sun shines for more than 300 days a year. More than 70 beaches have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for quality and service, there are 14 ports and marinas, which is also the hallmark of the coast. We briefly list the main advantages of living and relaxing on the Costa Blanca:

mar menor

The phrase Mar Menor means “Small Sea” in comparison with the Mediterranean Sea. The Mar Menor is a coastal salt water lagoon covering almost 170 km2, with coastline with a total length of more than 70 km. It is located south of Torrevieja and a little north of Cartagena.

The waters of this magical lagoon are washed by four municipalities: in the south it is Cartagena, in Los Alcazares and San Javier to the west and San Pedro del Pinatar to the north. The lagoon is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a sandy spit 22 km long and 100 to 1200 meters, which is called La Manga, which means “sleeve” in Spanish.

San Javier has an international airport. Scattered around the lagoon are golf courses clubs, resorts and hotels. In particular, the world famous club La Manga, the guest list which consists of sports stars of show business – Sean Connery, Cliff Richard, Matt Daymond and David Beckham and many more…


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Opinion about the location

Locations on the Costa Blanca (from north to south) "The indescribable beauty!" "Life is in full swing" "Luxury, in a word..."
In general, I agree
I agree
In general, I agree
I agree
In general, I agree
I agree
Not really 🙂
Not really 🙂
Not really 🙂
Not really 🙂
I agree
I agree
In general, I agree
I agree
We love it not for this)
In general, I agree
We love it not for this)
Mar Menor (north)
Not really 🙂
In general, I agree
In general, I agree
La Manga
Not really 🙂

“The indescribable Beauty” is a subjective characteristic, but is associated with the presence or lack of picturesque mountains, sea coast, park areas, unique architecture and etc.;
“Life is in full swing” – is associated with the population density in a particular place and size locality. As well as the availability of appropriate infrastructure for shopping and entertainment;
“Luxury, in a word…” – compliance with the British parameter, directly related in complex with the presence of beauty, convenience for life, pleasant pastime and noble high cost (which filters the neighbours).

Any assessment of any place is an extremely subjective thing. Each person has their own preferences. And, nevertheless, it is possible to group the assessments according to some of the most common criteria. For example, three such figurative characteristics of the terrain are often found:
“The indescribable beauty” – this characteristic is associated with the presence or absence of picturesque landscapes, mountains, sea coast, park areas, unique architecture etc.;
“Life is in full swing” – is associated with the population density in a particular place and the size of the settlement. As well as the availability of appropriate infrastructure for shopping and entertainment;
“Luxury, in a word…” – corresponds to the British parameter, directly related in complex with the presence of beauty, convenience for life, pleasant pastime and
noble high cost (which filters the neighbors).
In social networks, and in personal communication, each of these characteristics gets its own batch of reviews. They (in a polite form) can be stated in the following words – from disagreement to delight: “We love not for this” – “Not really” – “In general, I agree” -“I agree” – “Awesome!”.

So, according to the characteristic “The indescribable beauty”:
“We love it not for this” – Torrevieja
“Not really :-)” – Mar Menor (North)
“In general, I agree” – Denia, Alicante
“I agree” – Javea, Benidorm
“Awesome!” – Calpe, Altea, La Manga

According to the characteristic “Life is in full swing” the following rating:
“Not really :-)” – Calpe, Altea, La Manga
“In general, I agree” – Javea, Torrevieja, Mar Menor (North)
“I agree” – Dénia
“Awesome!” – Benidorm, Alicante

And according to the characteristic “Luxury, in a word …” we have:
“We love it not for this” – Torrevieja
“In general, I agree” – Denia, Mar Menor (North)
“I agree” – Javea, Benidorm, Alicante
“Awesome!” – Calpe, Altea, La Manga

Our ratings are purely subjective, and most likely you will have your own opinion – what we so happy. Tell us what and where you like on the Costa Blanca on our page on Facebook and group.

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Legal support of the purchase and sale transaction at the notary.

The first thing to do is to check that the property is without any encumbrances. The buyer must be sure that the housing he buys has no debts, is not pledged, is executed and registered in accordance with the law. You need to get information from the Nota Simple property register (this is an extract from the property register in which you can see the general data on the object). Verification of ownership, whether the property really belongs to the seller with whom you conclude a contract. Compliance of the square meters of the object with what is indicated in the documents, the legality of building a house, the presence of encumbrances (for example, collateral for a mortgage), the presence of debts to tax authorities, utilities, banks. If there are any encumbrances on the object, then the seller must pay off the debt on them. The buyer receives a clean, unencumbered object. The period between the signing of the preliminary sale and purchase agreement and the final implementation of the transaction is about 2 months.

The procedure for signing the contract takes place in a notary's office and is certified by a notary. Immediately after signing the contract, the buyer receives a copy of the notary contract and he becomes the new owner of the property. The original remains with the notary and is sent to the registration procedure.

During the course of the transaction, certain taxes and fees must be paid.

As a rule, this is a tax on the transfer of property rights. When selling secondary housing, the amount of this tax is 10% of the transaction amount.

After signing the notarial deed, the acquired property must be registered in the name of the new owner in the state register.

Personal accounts (light, water, real estate tax and communidad) are transferred to the name of the owner. Payment will be automatically debited from the customer's bank account.

Entering the new owner in the tax register to pay the annual municipal tax IBI. This is a mandatory annual council tax. Paid once a year. The final bill for payment depends on two factors: the cadastral value of the housing and the tax rate in each municipality.

Costs should always be added to the value of the property.

So, the costs of registering the purchase of real estate in Spain:

1. Tax 10% of the market value of the property. In the secondary market it is a tax on the transfer of property rights, in the primary market it is a value added tax.

2. Only when buying a property in a new building, you will additionally need to pay a fee for registration of real estate in the primary market (AJD) in the amount of 1.5% of the market value of the property.

3. Notary services - approximately 600-1000 euros (the exact amount will be known only on the day of the transaction, as it depends on the number of sheets in the contract and the number of notarized copies of the contract).

4. Registration of a real estate object (inclusion in a single register) - approximately 350 - 450 euros.

5. Services of an assessor/lawyer who accompanies the transaction for the purchase of real estate - 1300 euros.

Included in the price:

- preparation of preliminary documents, tracking timely payment terms

- checking the presence / absence of debts, loans and other obligations on this property

- checking the transparency and legality of documents at the notary

- support of the transaction at the notary

- preparation and conclusion of contracts with utilities

- connection of a bank account to the system of automatic payment for water, electricity and property tax.

In the case of purchasing real estate with a mortgage, the services of an assessor amount to 1,550 euros, which includes, in addition to the above services, the preparation and support of a loan.

6. The cost of translating documents into Spanish (depending on the volume of documents).

7. Payment for the installation of electricity and water meters - about 400 euros (when buying a property in a new building or bank real estate).

8. Commission for bank checks for a purchase and sale transaction (depending on the bank, the commission can be approximately 0.4% of the check amount, minimum 300 euros for each bank check).

9. State duty upon receipt of an individual tax number, it is 9.64 euros.

Additionally, there may be costs for issuing a power of attorney at a notary (70-90 euros), obtaining a military permit for the purchase of real estate in the Orihuela Costa area (180 euros).

If real estate is purchased with a loan, the costs of processing a loan transaction at the bank are additionally paid (for issuing and managing a loan, registering a loan, life insurance, real estate insurance, bank commissions, real estate appraisal), which is approximately 2500-3000 euros.

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For Sale
€  898,000

Bedrooms: 6  / Baths: 4 ba / 600 m2

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€ 244 000

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / 120 m2

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335, 000

Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 2  / 212 m2

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€  1,590 000

Bedrooms: 4  / Baths: 3 / 400 m2

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350 000

Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 3 / 280 m2

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Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 4  / 167 m2

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