Our job - organize introductory visits to Spain. Let`s Yours choice be successful

У каждого человека, который собирается сменить место жительства, возникает множество вопросов. Куда переехать, почему это место, а не другое, как там жить, какие там законы и правила. Наша задача — помочь потенциальным релокаторам ответить на основные вопросы и подготовить их к специальной поездке в Испанию.    

A new familiarization trip to Spain is coming soon!
We have started preparing a new familiarization trip to the Costa Blanca for those who want to start a new chapter in their lives! The trip includes property tours, exploring the surroundings, and consultations with legal experts. Before the trip, there will be meetings with experts in Riga.

Stay tuned for more information from us.

How to make the right choice?

Life in a new place, in another country depends on a successful choice of residence. First of all, a person needs to have a favorite home. Making the right choice is very difficult.
See what real estate you can buy
Each country has its own laws. It is better to understand what awaits you at different stages of moving in advance
Read about the features of local legislation
Everywhere has its own traditions. It is very important to understand how people live in the place where you are going to settle.
Read about the impressions of those who already live there.

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It is better to see once than to go online a hundred times

Of course, now you can take a virtual tour of the streets of the city you are interested in from home, go to the local museum, or learn local culinary recipes. But you can’t look around the corner of the house, taste the local food, feel the touch of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea on your skin or go shopping in the local shops. That is, to feel – this is YOUR or not your place for a happy life. That is why we organize special introductory tours.

What does the introductory tour include?

We will book tickets for you, but you can buy them yourself, if you wish.  Attention, from February 2024 direct flights Riga-Alicante are planned


You will be met at the airport and driven around the entire tour. Comfortable minivans with air conditioning and an experienced driver are waiting for you.


You will stay in a hotel or apartment. Your accommodation is discussed during the preparation for the study tour.


You will see the places that interest you, or some new ones. Of course, at first it will be real estate, but we will also show the “living environment”

Why exactly Costa Blanca?

The Costa Blanca is undoubtedly a unique place. The section of the coast of the Valencian community from the city of Gandia in the north to the southern border of the community, which runs between Torrevieja and San Javier, was called the Costa Blanca, which means “White Coast”. North of Alicante, the capital of the province of the same name, nature is a mountainous landscape, rocky coastline punctuated by romantic coves.

The Costa Blanca is a 200-meter coastline in the province of Alicante, where the average annual air temperature is around 20 degrees and the sun shines for more than 300 days a year. More than 70 beaches have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for quality and service, there are 14 ports and marinas, which is also the hallmark of the coast. We briefly list the main advantages of living and relaxing on the Costa Blanca:

cities to live in costa blanca

There are many different settlements in the province of Alicante (the tourist name of the Costa Blanca coast) 🙂
There are coastal ones, and there are far from the sea. There are on the plain, and there are in the mountains. We have chosen the most popular places in this selection. 

Free consulting!

There are of course many other interesting places on the Costa Blanca. They have different climatic conditions, they are located at different distances from large cities and the sea. Therefore, we offer you to use the service of a FREE consultation on the main issues of life in the Costa Blanca region (Alicante province).

To do this, fill out the form with your current email address. We will respond to your request and agree on how to give you a consultation.

You can also ask questions about organizing sightseeing tours to this region. However, visit the “About Spain” section in advance – maybe there you will find answers to many questions.

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examples offers

For Sale
72, 000

Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1  / 45 m2

For Sale
€  99,000

Bedrooms: 2  / Baths: 1  / 71 m2

For sale
€ 244 000

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / 120 m2

For sale
350 000

Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 3 / 280 m2

For Sale
379 900

Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 4  / 167 m2

For Sale
€  1,590 000

Bedrooms: 4  / Baths: 3 / 400 m2

What else is interesting? Mar Menor!

The phrase Mar Menor means “Small Sea” in comparison with the Mediterranean Sea. The Mar Menor is a coastal salt water lagoon covering almost 170 km2, with coastline with a total length of more than 70 km. It is located south of Torrevieja and a little north of Cartagena.

The waters of this magical lagoon are washed by four municipalities: in the south it is Cartagena, in Los Alcazares and San Javier to the west and San Pedro del Pinatar to the north. The lagoon is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a sandy spit 22 km long and 100 to 1200 meters, which is called La Manga, which means “sleeve” in Spanish.

San Javier has an international airport. Scattered around the lagoon are golf courses clubs, resorts and hotels. In particular, the world famous club La Manga, the guest list which consists of sports stars of show business – Sean Connery, Cliff Richard, Matt Daymond and David Beckham and many more…




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